Title: Nigerian Women Entrepreneurs: Challenges, Incentives and Achievements Indicators
Author(s): Otekunrin A.O, Akintunde A. O, lawal A. I, and Rotimi M. E
Year 2013
Publisher: IOSR Journal of Business and Management (IOSR-JBM)
File: PDF

Women entrepreneurship in Nigeria is the focus of this study. Some women entrepreneurs in Lagos state, Delta State and Federal Capital Territory (Abuja) of Nigeria has been selected for the purpose of this study. The study identifies challenges encountered by women entrepreneurs during business establishment and business life cycle and issues arising between work and family were examined. The study also considered the likely incentives for these entrepreneurs for starting their own businesses and factors which account for their success in business. There are similarities between the challenges faced by women entrepreneur in Nigeria which is a developing country, when compared their counterparts in European countries. However, issues between work and family in Nigeria for women entrepreneur are less significant and these likely to account for their being able to start their own businesses and level of achievements in business.